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20 August 10

Meeting Minutes 2-9-2010

ASC Senate Meetings Minutes
February 9, 2010

I.    Call to Order at 7:02pm
II.    Roll Call
III.    Parliamentarian’s Report
  a.    Remember don’t use cell phones, turn them off
  b.    Wait to be called on
  c.    No side conversations
IV.    Old Business
  a.    Committee Assignments and Chairs
    i.    Sign up
  b.    Meeting Minutes
    i.    Check meeting minutes, they will be posted to the folder after our meetings
    ii.    If there are any mistakes, e-mail Mia or Jill with corrections
  c.    Senator GPA requirements
    i.    Constitution says must have 2.5 when elected
    ii.    By-laws say must maintain throughout our term
    iii.    We can vote on upholding it
    iv.    Grades checked in November when running, then January when you return, then in May after the end of the semester, but the process for checking grades is not in our by-laws
    v.    Motion to vote to uphold by-laws
      1.    Passes
      2.    Suggestions for Constitutional Review
  a.    Instituting a grace period when GPA is below
  b.    Check at end of semester instead of during semester
  c.    Some sort of outreach from student leadership
  d.    If you can prove that you are actively seeking to change your grade (writing center visits, meetings with advisors, etc)
  e.    Send suggestions to Elizabeth, Chair of Constitutional Review Committee
  d.    Assignments given to senators and chairs
  e.    Drafting Questions for Administrators
    i.    Pete scheduled to come soon
    ii.    Questions we can use across the board, big picture collaborative work
    iii.    What are the channels for complaints or concerns?
    iv.    How can students boost moral?
    v.    Budgetary issues of “forcing students” to live on campus and buy meal  plans, want variety of meal plans
    vi.    What are the parameters of a residential college and when does it conflict with students’ ability to live and thrive?
    vii.    How can we create student feedback groups? Surveys not always enough
  f.    Jamnesty for Haiti Representative 7:30pm
    i.    Julia St. Goar and Elizabeth Berkstresser
    ii.    Would like Senate’s support for event
    iii.    Campus community invited
    iv.    Awisa and Wikaze already helping
    v.    Live music
    vi.    Will raise money and donate to UNICEF and Partners in Health
    vii.    Will have alcohol and food
    viii.    Would like volunteers and sponsorship
    ix.    Vote for Senate
      1.    To not vote tonight about a Senate decision passes
  g.    Visit from Onyinye
    i.    Initiative for Haiti Relief
    ii.    Wants to get the whole campus involved
    iii.    Penny War fundraiser is now over
    iv.    Wants it to be an educational opportunity, brainstorming for dialogue series
    v.    Understanding the country and the people
    vi.    Have raised over $1,000
    vii.    To be donated to CARE, as a gift from Agnes Scott, not just one group
    viii.    Want to do more fundraisers as well, can give supplies as well
    ix.    Role for Senate: possibly donate money, buy supplies, start some dialogue series
    x.    Suggestion from Senate: can you join with Amnesty International in their event Jamnesty, open mic night, do a lock-in? Admission in the form of suggested donation and/or supplies?
    xi.    Vote for Senate
      1.    To not vote tonight about a Senate decision passes
  h.    T-shirt voting results
    i.    Short Sleeve
    ii.    T-shirt
    iii.    Across the chest logo
    iv.    Picture on the back
    v.    Look up prices for sweatshop free vs regular shirts, to be voted on later
    vi.    Grey cloth with purple writing
    vii.    Sally will research prices and we will
    V.    New Business
  a.    Monthly Awards- Will do next week
VI.    Open Floor
  a.    New schedule for next year, timing issues
    i.    DOC liaison and Registrar liaison talk to people about issues
VII.    Adjourn

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Meeting Minutes 2-2-2010

ASC Senate Meetings Minutes
February 2, 2010

I.    Call to Order 7:04pm
II.    Parliamentarian’s Report
  a.    Don’t use your cell phone during meeting
III.    Old Business
  a.    Goals & Objectives
    i.    Check e-mails, may be moving meeting locations, would like to move to a more public location
    ii.    Want to draft much more legislation
    iii.    Improve trust on campus, more administrators visiting meetings
  b.    Senate Advisor
    i.    Erin Howle advisor for 2 ½ years, will be attending meetings regularly
    ii.    Shift from “complain department” to a more student leadership proposal
    iii.    More follow up to complaints, issue being taken care of by Senate
 c.    Liaisons (Guidelines & Schedule)
    i.    Assignments given to senators
    ii.    Reports due first week of March
    iii.    Guidelines
    iv.    How to post
 d.    Projects
    i.    We have $3,000 in our account right now, should be considering new project ideas
 e.    Legislations (guidelines & input)
    i.    How to make legislation
      1.    How do other colleges address an issues?
      2.    Talk to administrators
      3.    Format
IV.    New Business
  a.    Administrator visits
    i.    Bring people to talk to senate more often
    ii.    Cycle through all administrators, figure out common goals
    iii.    Work out issues directly
    iv.    Suggestions from senators for administrators to visit
      1.    Pete Miller
      2.    SARFA, to address issue of keys not being given to students at move in
      3.    Facilities
      4.    Be thinking of questions, big issues, not individual stories
  b.    Binders (Vote)
    i.    Motion to vote to buy binders
      1.    Passed- buying binders
  c.    New Organizations
    i.    Interviews soon for new organizations
  d.    Haiti Donation (Vote)
    i.    We could do our own fundraiser, like Amnesty International’s Jamnesty
  e.    T-shirts (Vote)
    i.    Suggestions?
      1.    Motion to vote on shirts
        a.    Passed
  b.    Could be possibly paid for by Student Activities office?
    i.    Need to write proposal for shirts
     2.    Make a design if interested
     3.    Possible t-shirt maker of the SGA shirts?
     4.    Sally volunteers to head the information about shirts, to propose ideas next meeting
V.    Announcements
  a.    TGIF meet your SGA Theme – Friday February 5, 2010 4:30 in Hub
  b.    Clean up Student workroom- Saturday February 6, 2010
    i.    Renovation plan still in progress
    ii.    Working with facilities to find someone to get paint off walls and floor
    iii.    How can we keep it clean? Senate should create legislation
  c.    TEG Georgia private schools
    i.    Door knocking campaign
    ii.    Students going down to Capital Wednesday February 3, 2010
VI.    Open Floor
  a.    Be careful with absences! Only 3 allotted for term, 1 tardy equals a third of an absences
VII.    Adjourn at 7:44pm

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Meeting Minutes 1-19-2010

Senate Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2010

I.    Call to Order 7:05 pm
  a.    Senate Basics
  b.    Introductions of Senators and Officers
II.    Swearing in of new Senators and Officers
III.    What is Senate?
  a.    Liaisons and reports
  b.    Committees- each senator required to be on two committees (one active, one not as active)
  c.    Interviews/Appointments conducted by Senate
  d.    New Organizations on campus and the approval process
  e.    Drafting legislation by Senate
  f.    Our role as student Representatives
IV.    Parliamentarian’s Report
V.    Questions/Open Floor
  a.    No vacuums/vacuuming in Winship
  b.    No soap in Winship
  c.    Work orders not getting turned around, talk to Facilities
  d.    Contingency plans for emergencies (i.e. Inman flooding and relocation)
VI.    Adjourn 7:45 pm

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